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July 6, 2011

Exhibition Stands – Choosing the Right Spot for Exhibition Stands

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As with most things, one exhibition stand is all about location, location, location. If you are at a business exposition, you could have the best exhibition stands in the world but if you don’t secure the right location, your exhibition stands will fall flat.

Of course, the best way to determine the best location for exhibition stands is to do your research prior to an event and try to elucidate which location in the venue is likely to yield the best return on investment (ROI) for your exhibition stands. One of the mistakes that is frequently made by businesses hoping to make the best use of exhibition stands is not investing some time in actually understanding the logistics of the venue and how they can best utilise the space to make their exhibition stands perform at an optimum level. Exhibition stands have the inimitable capacity to create a tangible aura around your product but you need to dovetail the visual impact of your exhibition stand with the location that you choose to place it as this really can make all the difference. Exhibition stands can be as subtle or OTT as you like and the style of exhibition stands used is invariably dictated by the manner of the productbeing sold.

Exhibition Stands – Visual Impact

There are many ways to utilise exhibition stands both in indoor and outdoor settings but the best thing to do to ensure that you hit the right note with your exhibition stands is to be speak to experts in the field who will be able to advice regarding the size, style and location of exhibition stands in terms of making the biggest impact and return on investment. Exhibition stands are not only easy to set up and cost effective solutions to business plans but they are also capable of providing indelible memories of a product that just isn’t achievable with other forms of advertising.

Exhibition Stands – Understanding the Market

Obviously it is important to ensure that exhibition stands are optimise to meet the requirements of your market and this is something that is of paramount important when you are setting up exhibition stands at a trade exposition. When picking the location for your exhibition stands, the first thing to consider is whether or not you will get sufficient viewers attracted to your exhibition stands and, when they are drawn in, that the exhibition stands are of a sufficient calibre to retain their interest and, ultimately, compel them to consider a purchase or request additional information on your product.

July 3, 2011

Pop-up display for flexible exhibiting

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Make your exhibition budget go further by investing in a pop-up display.

Pop-up displays are fast becoming the most popular way for smaller companies to exhibit at shows and for larger companies to showcase individual products or services. It’s the flexibility of the pop-up display stand that make it so useful to a wide range of businesses and organisations, including schools, charities, libraries and leisure centres.

Versatile pop-up display stands

Pop-up display stands have a number of features which make them one of the best forms of exhibition equipment you can invest in. Used wisely, they can form the backdrop to a launch or presentation as well as being the focus for an exhibition stand or trade fair. Invest in more than one pop-up display stand and you can link both the stands and the graphics for a bigger impact, or use them separately to distinguish one message from another. Benefits of choosing a flexible pop-up display stand include:

• Weight – pop-up displays are lightweight and fold down into portable carriers. This makes them far easier to transport and store than traditional exhibition stands and means that you need fewer people away from their desks when it comes to moving your stand from one place to another.

• Put-up time – one of the biggest difficulties with many exhibition stands is the length of time and the number of people it takes to put them up. Pop-up display stands can be erected by one person, because of their expandable system. Graphics are usually held in place by a combination of magnetic strips and fasteners, all of which can be assembled by a single person if necessary.

• Graphics – pop-up display stands are usually one of several standard sizes. This means you can commission additional graphics panels for the same pop-up system. This allows you either to update particular panels for a new show or product launch, or to have completely interchangeable graphics which you can use depending on when and where you’re using the pop-up display.

June 29, 2011

Pop Up Displays, Making Pop Up Displays Work for You

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Pop up displays are a highly impressive and cost effective means of advertising a product but there are many different types of pop up displays and picking the right one for you is imperative when looking for return on investment.
For any business who is a new comer to the trade circuit scene one of the best types of advertising to start out with is unquestionably that of pop up displays as these are extremely successful tools to drum up interest in a product and increase sales potential.
The options available to businesses so far as pop up displays are concerned are extensive to say the least and the type of pop up displays that are right for your business will depend on a multitude of factors; such as product being sold, available budget and sales objectives. Pop up displays have long been established as a firm favourite amongst businesses due to their ease of use and the fact that they have a proven track record for success amongst all those companies who choose to utilise them.

Pop Up Displays – Examining the Various Types

Knowing which sort of pop up displays is right for your business is something that will come through experience at trade shows but a brief guide of the different type of pop up displays most prevalent on the market will be beneficial when it comes to choosing in the first instance. A few of the most popular pop up displays include:

• Commercial Pop Up Displays – These types of exhibition stands tend to be more durable the standard pop up displays and tend be most commonly utilised by companies who attend trade shows and exhibitions on a regular basis because their shelf life is invariably much longer. However, it is apparent that most businesses now tend to favour more lightweight versions when it comes to pop up displays.

• Photo Based Pop Up Displays – Pop up displays with the additional visual impact of high quality photos tend to do extremely well when it comes to generating interest around a product when showcased on an exhibition room floor. Most consumers will make judgements based on visual stimulus and there is an area where pop up displays really can deliver. Pop up displays can be carefully tailored to reflect your business principles and ethos.

June 27, 2011

Exhibition Stands – Give your Business the Edge with an Exhibition Stand

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It is no coincidence that exhibition stand popularity has soared as more and more businesses look to maximise their return on investment. A well chosen exhibition stand is a great way to forge ahead in your field of business.
Exhibition shows are a fiercely competitive environment for any company, no matter what the industry or the size of the event. There is much competition to draw the foot traffic to your exhibition stand and this is something that can only be achieved by putting careful thought into your choice of exhibition stand. Pre-planning your exhibition stand is always a good idea and speaking to experts in the field will help to establish the variety of exhibition stand which is most suitable for you. There are a great many facets which can be taken into consideration when devising the choice, design and layout of an exhibition stand but the results of putting in that extra bit of effort with your exhibition stand really do speak for themselves.

Exhibition Stand – Visual Appeal

The easiest way to get customers to make a beeline for your exhibition stand is to make them as eye-catching and visually appealing as possible. Dull colours and signs will not grab the attention of passing clients who are likely to gravitate towards an exhibition stand which really stands out and sends a message. Just some of the best ways to make an exhibition stand more noticeable include the following:
• Use bright colours and bold designs on your exhibition stand – An exhibition stand should be representative of your business as a whole and this is something that can be reflected in the colour scheme. Stick to one dominant colour so your exhibition stands don’t look confusing with clashing colours and mixed messages.
• Ease of Access – It is crucial that your exhibition is accessible to as much foot traffic as possible and this is something that can be facilitated by ensuring that your exhibition stand is accessible as possible. The best way to present an exhibition stand is to ensure that there is plenty of room to move about, have discussions and view your products or displays.

Exhibition Stand – Appealing Accessories

You can also make the most of your exhibition stand with accessories that will add that extra special touch. Popup displays are a must, as is well-angled lighting. Podiums, plinths and workstations can add a very professional feel to an exhibition stand and don’t forget that if it looks like you’ve put a lot of money, time and effort into your stand, prospective clients will receive the message that you will put as much effort into your dealings with them. Exhibition stands are means of bringing customers to you, at which point you can showcase just what it is that your business has to offer them.

Exhibition Stands – Enticing Extras

An exhibition stand should do more than just provide a visual stimulus and through conversing with experts within the exhibition stand field, it becomes possible to create the whole package with your exhibition stand which will help facilitate the conversion of customer interest into customer sales.

June 21, 2011

Exhibition Stand – Choose your Exhibition Stand Style Carefully

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Displaying a sense of style with your exhibition stand will certainly get you off to a good start in terms of attracting passing foot traffic. When you have an exhibition stand at a corporate event, regardless of size, it reflects directly onto your business. An exhibition stand which isn’t eye catching will get bypassed in favour of colourful, cheerful and enticing stands that send out the message that you are keen for business, and willing to put in the effort. The exhibition stand business is indeed highly competitive and you simply cannot afford to risk getting your exhibition stand style and tone wrong.

Exhibition Stand – Get your Message Right

At conferences and events, the use of an exhibition stand is the best way you have to communicate your brand message to visitors. First impressions are made in a matter of seconds and your exhibition stand will need to be of a sufficient calibre to impress in order to attract business and buzz. If, for example, you run a sophisticated corporate service it is imperative that your exhibition stand reflects this fact. A good way of achieving this goal is to have the staff on your exhibition stand dress in sharp suits and skirts, keep everything clean and minimalist and offer visitors incentives such as giveaways in order to entice them in the direction of your exhibition stand.

Exhibition Stands – Careful Colouring

Obviously, the choice of colouration for your exhibition stand should reflect your corporate image and take factors such as your company logo into account. Don’t be tempted to use garish colours for the sake of standing out, if they don’t match your brand image or logo style. Red, royal blue and lime green are great eye-catching colours, and can still send out a professional, corporate image. Generally speaking, when it comes to the colour of an exhibition stand, it may be advisable to avoid brown, grey and mossy green as these are unlike to pique the interest of passers-by. It is also prudent not to combine bright colours that don’t complement one another on your exhibition stand as these will likely serve as a visual overload and put people off.

Exhibition Stands – Staff Style

Exhibition stand staff is as important as the colour schemes and display materials used in terms of conveying your brand message. Ensure the staff is dressed in clothing which is applicable to the service that you offer and which fits in well with the overall tone of your exhibition stand. Obviously, the choice of clothing for the staff on your exhibition stand is a fairly subjective one and you will be in the best position to determine what form of clothing will dovetail most successfully with your chosen exhibition stand and overall corporate image.

June 20, 2011

Exhibition Stand Changes Make for a Light, Portable Display

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In years past, exhibitors at trade shows and conventions needed a delivery van and two husky men to setup large, bulky, wooden displays. Today’s modern exhibition stand displays are built around lightweight aluminum framing.
Anyone can setup, without assistance, the latest generation of large, eye catching, colourful promotional exhibition stand displays. If need be, a single presenter can fill a 20 by 20 foot presentation area with powerful, exciting banners and stands. The older style exhibition stand did certainly create a formidable image and an air of corporate stability. But that form of business identity is now easily replaced by colourful, exciting digital graphics.

An Entire Display Booth Easily Packed into the Boot of a Car

With a pop up exhibition stand serving as a convention booth backdrop, weighing under fifty pounds when collapsed and stowed, the backdrop, a tower style stand and a modular console can be broken down into flats and easily transported to the exhibition venue. Marketing representatives can arrive on the morning of a show’s opening, unfurl a carpet, setup a portable display and grab a quick cuppa, all before the doors open.

Superb Exhibition Stand Digital Graphics Create Corporate Ambiance

If a major global airline wished to setup a presentation that emphasized the ability of their fleet to quickly and safely carry people hundreds of miles, how might they deliver this message in a portable display? They could easily link several modern pop up stands and create a panoramic photographic view of their jets streaming across a violet blue sky with white vapour trails tracing their progress. Beneath that image could be placed a company logo and a currently popular company advertising slogan. Modern computer generated digital graphics can be printed on high quality light-stop polyester, then stretched across frameworks, hung as banners or set as shell schemes in an exhibition stand.

Easily Create an On-site Sales Office

A cross-brace pop up exhibition stand set in the back of a booth with a pair of tower pop up displays set at each front corner and a lightweight modular display table instantly transform a boring empty space into an exciting sales arena. A modular portable display, with a bespoke design creates a professional on-site sales or promotion office. Two sided pop up stands can be used to separate areas, allowing privacy for closing sales or discussing proprietary information.

June 10, 2011

Why Should You Attend?

Trade shows and exhibitions have now become an important place for businesses to platform their whole catalogue of products to new and existing customers.
If you are thinking about participating in a trade show or an exhibition, there are many important factors to consider when choosing the most suitable trade fair for your industry sector. However, there’s one thing you must have clear from the beginning, which is the reason why you have chosen that specific event and not other. Are you after or in pursuit of:


1. Generate sales leads
2. Close sales
3. Build relationships with prospects
4. Advance the sales cycle
5. Cross-sell existing clients
6. Meet spread-out buying teams at one time
7. Recruit new sales people
8. Recruit new distribution
9. Train new sales people

Marketing Communications

10. Build your brand
11. Re-position your brand
12. Increase awareness
13. Survey market awareness
14. Interview clients
15. Generate publicity

Product Marketing:

16. Launch new products
17. Survey attendees about new product ideas
18. Research competitor’s products and messaging

Executive Management:

19. Keep up on industry trends
20. Meet with key clients
21. Meet with key business partners
22. Profitably build the business

So as you assess your tradeshow calendar for the upcoming season, plan in advance how participating in that trade show can substantially increase your ROI. Don’t forget that at an exhibition booth you are face to face with a large number of potential consumers that fall directly within your targeted market. They can see, feel and examine your merchandise, and more importantly your sales force get valuable time to pitch the product. I’m not sure of any other form of promotion and sales tool that can get you that.

Total Displays finalist at the 2011 Exhibition News Awards

Total display was awarded finalist recognition at the fifth annual Exhibition News Awards hold on May 20th, 2011 at the Business Design Centre in London.
The Exhibition News Awards selected Total Displays on the bases of its proven ability to excel in all areas of business as a supplier to exhibitors.
Formed in 2007 by Layth Karagholi, Total Displays is one of the fastest growing providers of Pop Up Stands, Exhibition Stands, Banner Stands, Portable Display, Exhibition Display, Exhibition Display Stand, Pop up Display. The business is a specialist exhibition supplier based in Fengate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK. It focuses on individual clients needs in terms of providing the widest range of professional exhibition stands by a well informed and trained-staff.
To be considered as a finalist for this renowned award by a panel of world leading industry experts, the nominated companies must have high standards to which they adhere. Although there are no second prizes, for Managing Director of Total Displays, Layth Karagholi it was a time to be grateful and “express gratitude to all of our clients and customers for the tremendous support in 2010, and we are looking forward coming back stronger next year”.