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June 20, 2011

Exhibition Stand Changes Make for a Light, Portable Display

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In years past, exhibitors at trade shows and conventions needed a delivery van and two husky men to setup large, bulky, wooden displays. Today’s modern exhibition stand displays are built around lightweight aluminum framing.
Anyone can setup, without assistance, the latest generation of large, eye catching, colourful promotional exhibition stand displays. If need be, a single presenter can fill a 20 by 20 foot presentation area with powerful, exciting banners and stands. The older style exhibition stand did certainly create a formidable image and an air of corporate stability. But that form of business identity is now easily replaced by colourful, exciting digital graphics.

An Entire Display Booth Easily Packed into the Boot of a Car

With a pop up exhibition stand serving as a convention booth backdrop, weighing under fifty pounds when collapsed and stowed, the backdrop, a tower style stand and a modular console can be broken down into flats and easily transported to the exhibition venue. Marketing representatives can arrive on the morning of a show’s opening, unfurl a carpet, setup a portable display and grab a quick cuppa, all before the doors open.

Superb Exhibition Stand Digital Graphics Create Corporate Ambiance

If a major global airline wished to setup a presentation that emphasized the ability of their fleet to quickly and safely carry people hundreds of miles, how might they deliver this message in a portable display? They could easily link several modern pop up stands and create a panoramic photographic view of their jets streaming across a violet blue sky with white vapour trails tracing their progress. Beneath that image could be placed a company logo and a currently popular company advertising slogan. Modern computer generated digital graphics can be printed on high quality light-stop polyester, then stretched across frameworks, hung as banners or set as shell schemes in an exhibition stand.

Easily Create an On-site Sales Office

A cross-brace pop up exhibition stand set in the back of a booth with a pair of tower pop up displays set at each front corner and a lightweight modular display table instantly transform a boring empty space into an exciting sales arena. A modular portable display, with a bespoke design creates a professional on-site sales or promotion office. Two sided pop up stands can be used to separate areas, allowing privacy for closing sales or discussing proprietary information.

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